No One Spooks In My Apartment by Puzzling Evidence

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Liner notes

Enigmatic producer Puzzling Evidence has long abandoned his studio in favor of building digital puzzles for the more open minded among the video game players out there. At last, Interdisco unearthed his “lost tapes”, recorded around the turn of the century.
Full of eerie atmospheres and pulsating beats, these tracks are based on the revenants of soundtracks sampled from dusty VHS tapes.

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  1. Princesse
  2. In Your Dreams Only
  3. Trees
  4. Lady Delay
  5. Vibrating Palm
  6. You’re Quite Far From Your Stable

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amazing ep, nice work with the vhs tapes!!!
wavs available¿?

— jose estrada •

@jose: Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, “No One Spooks In My Apartment” only survived in the dying format of Mp3.


I’d like more updates about this album of Puzzling Evidence. I really love this album.
Thank you!

Bruce Henry

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