Whatsherface Basel, Switzerland

Whatsherface artist picture

Whatsherface from Basel, Switzerland combines diverse musical influences such as Elton John and Ace Of Base and plays music for those nostalgic for a past that never was. Much as water finds its own level, Whatsherface found themselves. More

D’incise Geneva, Switzerland

D’incise artist picture

D’incise is a member of the Audioactivity collective from Geneva (Switzerland). Since 2002 he is producing dub and electronica with influences of abstract hiphop and electroacoustic music. His world is made up of sound fractures, neuralgic crepitations, melancholy atmospheres and a non-dissimulated fascination for rust. More

Land Basel, Switzerland

Land artist picture

The music of Land (aka Hachi) is inspired by silence. He tries to describe it by disturbing it. Land is Oliver Hagmann and lives in Basel (Switzerland). More

Lachen Marburg, Germany

Lachen artist picture

Lachen puts clicks and noises next to fuzzy basses and organs, next to the dusty xylophone from the attic and his sampler’s orchestra. Lachen sometimes calls himself Heinrich Grebe and currently lives in Marburg, Germany. More

Fax Mexicali, Mexico

Fax artist picture

Mexicali, Mexico-based Ruben Tamayo has produced music on over a dozen releases under the moniker of Fax. His music is four on the floor minimal techno, with a little bit of dub and warm melodic lines of sound thrown in for good measure; clicks with no cuts, ambient pools of sound and dark mirrors with straight surfaces for clear sound reception. More

Papiro Basel, Switzerland

Papiro artist picture

Former violin player in second-class orchestras, Papiro, has since played in many bands you unfortunately never heard of, ranging from garage punk to electronica and more, playing every instrument within his reach. More

SQ16 Basel, Switzerland

SQ16 artist picture

It’s already in their name: SQ like sequencer, 16 like 16 steps – the everlastingly fascinating quality of Techno as machine music. The Basel based duo produces its music on hardware synths and drummachines only. More

Christian Walt Zürich, Switzerland

Christian Walt artist picture

Freed himself from from the clutches of a senile piano teacher and from a small-village-youth by using an electric guitar. Knows since then, what music is capable of. Loves all frequencies, but above all the low ones. More

The Interdisco Livesquad Basel/Zürich, Switzerland

The Interdisco Livesquad artist picture

The Interdisco Livesquad forms danceable material out of layers. It’s the semi-improvising livesquad of the label interdisco. It currently consists of Christian Walt, Oliver Hagmann and Raffael Dörig. In different constellations they also release as And Me, Hachi and Bob. More

Airaise Basel, Switzerland

Airaise artist picture

Classy raving: Escaping the actual and aggressive bassline terror, Airaise attend to the deeper side of music. By playing with surprising elements in their tracks, they explore the other side of techno with a lot of soul. And it’s a really big playground for them. More

Binary Boy Toronto, Canada

Binary Boy artist picture

Binary Boy got the jams for you. Fierce beats and distorted vocals make up his delightfully thrashing political anthems. The delivery is so straight in your face, it’s fucking magical! He’s simple, he’s dogmatic, he’s Binary Boy. Be a human being and fucking break it out to the friendly thrash of Binary Boy! More

Trondheim Münster, Germany

Trondheim artist picture

Since pianos fit into laptops, one can finally set them up pretty easily in a small flat without losing one’s bedding. They also get along pretty well with some other wonders of digital technology, while accepting some downsides as well of course. More

Puzzling Evidence Zürich, Switzerland

Puzzling Evidence artist picture

Puzzling Evidence is one half of Bob and a very enigmatic person: He is endued with skills, to translate moods into music like no other, but obstinately refuses to aknowledge any form of musical talent in himself. More

Julius Lagerfeld Oberwil, Switzerland

Julius Lagerfeld artist picture

Born with a lack of fashion sense, nearly transparent as a person, and perpetually about to disappear, a quote is the only connection between Julius and Karl Otto the great: “I wish I was invisible.” More

Rob Warren Vancouver, Canada

Rob Warren artist picture

Rob Warren is a mailman, student, DJ and producer from Vancouver, Canada. He likes: cherry beer, lamb sausages, swimming, road trips to Detroit, Halloween parties, dancing with his eyes closed, flea markets, sampling, teak furniture and the occasional techno, house or disco song. – He dislikes: black licorice. More

Die Welttraumforscher Zürich, Switzerland

Die Welttraumforscher artist picture

The Die Welttraumforscher was formed on July 14th, 1981, as a one-man-project. It soon turned out that the Die Welttraumforscher are three friendly, ghostlike little men who not only decorate the covers of the WTF’s releases but also are the Die Welttraumforscher’s phantom band… More

Souldepartment Basel, Switzerland

Souldepartment artist picture

Ben Hereth is a composer of things such as chamber music, operas, film and theater scores. Currently, he’s studying at the electronic studio of basel’s famous music academy. More

Preslav Literary School Berlin, Germany/London, UK

Preslav Literary School artist picture

As Preslav Literary School, Adam Thomas makes live tape collages using sounds drawn from an ever-growing archive of self-generated or discovered outsider noise, found sound and spoken word cassettes. A process of transference, overdubbing and live manipulation reworks these source materials into compelling, ambient broadcasts. More

Dario Rohrbach Basel, Switzerland

Dario Rohrbach artist picture

Dario Rohrbach was connected to the groove even before consciously realizing it. As a kid he played percussion in his father’s band, shaking maracas, shakers or the tambourine. Always in time, never stopping – a human metronome. More

Yours Truly Basel, Switzerland / Vancouver, Canada

Yours Truly artist picture

Yours Truly is a transatlantic collaboration between Manfred Näscher (Vancouver, Canada) and Oliver Hagmann (Basel, Switzerland). Two laptops, electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, a melodica, various synths, an old gameboy, samples, the internet and cd burners are the means for their passion for music, which assumes the form of straight-forward but subtle, personal pop songs. More

Granny’Ark Toronto, Canada

Granny’Ark artist picture

Granny’Ark is a music producer, sound artist, and DJ working out of Toronto, Canada. The music she produces falls along the lines of minimal techno, and ambient soundscapes. Lately she’s been composing for film and has started working on a “top secret” generative soundscape project – when she’s not throwing down vinyl at Hotnuts (@The Beaver) in Toronto. More