Whatsherface by Whatsherface

iD29 cover

Four people became friends in This Town (most of them had to cross an ocean first) and started a band that made an excellent record iNTERDiSCO is proud to present. Whatsherface? It‘s pop with a capital P – oh those catchy tunes! More

Mittelmass Variationen by Volta Vital

iD28 cover

It has been on our minds for a while, and now it’s done: We remixed a complete Interdisco album. Six old and new Interdisco artists went to town on Volta Vital’s Mittelmass EP. More

Veer by Preslav Literary School

ID27 cover

We’re very excited to introduce you to the Preslav Literary School. Preslav’s ambient drones are an offer of peace and tranquility. Veer is disarmingly heartfelt and has an emotional intensity which leaves you with goose bumps and a deep feeling of sobriety. More

Mittelmass EP by Volta Vital

iD25 cover

We are proud to introduce the newest addition to Interdisco’s roster of artists, Volta Vital from Basel, Switzerland, whose lyrics and catchy pop songs won us over in an instant.

Did You Ever Try To See? (Pt. 1) by Christian Walt

iD24 cover

Christian Walt’s fourth EP on Interdisco has turned out a thoroughly mature piece of work. Walt had locked himself up in the studio for days and nights on end. It was worth it: Everything is in its right place, the beat, the bass, the longing chords, the finely engraved percussion, the interspersed melancholy melodic miniatures.

No One Spooks In My Apartment by Puzzling Evidence

iD23 cover

Enigmatic producer Puzzling Evidence has long abandoned his studio in favor of building digital puzzles for the more open minded among the video game players out there. At last, Interdisco unearthed his “lost tapes”, recorded around the turn of the century.

Metacode by Die Welttraumforscher

iD22 cover

For nearly 30 years, Swiss artist Christian Pfluger has been using the moniker “Die Welttraumforscher” – a German play on words that means both “the world dream researchers” and “the space explorers”.

Winterdisco 2 by Various Artists

iD21 cover

Ho-Ho-Ho! Interdisco-Santa places a very special present under your digital christmas-tree: the “Winterdisco 2” compilation. Compiled with love from us for you. From cosy christmas feelings to new years eve euphoria, not without the abysm in between or after. More

At Home With The Ghosts by And Me

iD20 cover

While the last EP by And Me was “seductively silly and uplifting” (De:Bug), his third release on Interdisco is more of a melancholic journey in autumn. And it’s true, there’s always time for autumn. More

Konterkonzept EP by Julius Lagerfeld

iD19 cover

“Steter Tropfen” (constant dripping) is the name of a track on the first Julius Lagerferld EP for Interdisco. And indeed, his music is wearing away the stone by a constant dripping forward, making you fidget. More

Entweder Terence Hill by Trondheim

iD18 cover

Trondheim’s second ep on interdisco (after his 2005 release “Der erste Widersacher und sein Untergang”) again features lots of distinctive piano sounds and a gently tentative melancholy enveloped in plunky sounds and theatrical strings. More

A Vancouver Love Affair by Rob Warren

iD17 cover

Three tracks of dusty, deep techno from Rob Warren (Vancouver, Canada). Slow building rhythms influenced by the sounds of Detroit, Chicago and Vancouver. Suitable for rainy day bike rides and all-night dance parties. More

The Ghost Album by Papiro

iD16 cover

For many years now, multiinstrumentalist Papiro has been creating music that is withdrawing itself from common genres. “The Ghost Album” is affected by a rich and dense sound world of high suggestivity. “like often in music, it’s all about death. and yearning, too” is how Papiro describes it himself. More

Permanent hangover by Christian Walt

iD15 cover

Christian Walt doesn’t neglect his trademark pop elements on his third ep for Interdisco, but it definitely comes with added in your face properties! Four dance floor burners for upstanding folk. More

Der letzte Widersacher und sein Untergang by Trondheim

iD14 cover

As a Christmas present, Interdisco gives you music which could be seen as a perfect soundtrack for sitting in front of a cosy chimney watching the crackling fire, take a walk through lonely snowy landscapes or just watching the deserted streets through the window. Not without the presentiment of a clubnight which might be up to come. More

Present Tense by Hachi

iD13 cover

With his latest EP on Interdisco Hachi delivers three dance music blasts of the first order. He choreographs mood in an elegantly multi-layered fashion while achieving a sense of ease despite/through rigorous arrangements. These tracks never sacrifice the straightforward pull for and onto the dancefloor. Fully realized techno d’auteur. More

After the Rain by Christian Walt

iD10 cover

Interdisco is officially supporting spring with bringing you its new release of four to the floor lovesongs. It’s getting bright when Christian Walt grabs the microphone: This is huge pop, and these are huge emotions, four tracks aiming right at the heart while filling the dancefloor. This release will make you happy. Promise! More

Idioma EP by Fax

iD09 cover

Four tracks of sublime beauty, like memories of melodies underlined with uptempo yet subtle minimal techno. More

Beach by Christian Walt

iD08 cover

Christian Walt is sitting by the river and dreaming of the sea. On interdisco he already appeared as “gelb” and one half of “Bob”. With “Beach” he delivers epic-melancholic summertechno. More

Three Seas & One Bottle by Granny'Ark

iD07 cover

This ep by Granny’Ark from Toronto (Canada) is a little collection of stories from special encounters with special people and places: Wind sounds from a flying beer can inspired by François Laporte. A musical portrait of a portrait photographer. More

Misadventures by Puzzling Evidence

iD06 cover

Puzzling Evidence already appeared on Interdisco as one half of Bob (ID02). “Misadventures” is his first solo-release; dark, melodious, four to the floor and – of course – puzzling. More

Winterdisco by Various Artists

iD05 cover

Interdisco has a Christmas present for you. Nine fresh tracks and songs from Basel, Berlin, Marburg, Vancouver and Zurich. Dream of distant suns, enjoy polar coolness, make love at the fireplace, dance in the sauna or sweat in the snow flurry? More