Konterkonzept EP by Julius Lagerfeld

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Liner notes

“Steter Tropfen” (constant dripping) is the name of a track on the first Julius Lagerferld EP for Interdisco. And indeed, his music is wearing away the stone by a constant dripping forward, making you fidget. Says Julius Lagerfeld about his EP: “It’s a study in slowness. An attempt to create an inversely proportional correlation between speed and power. It was created by exclusively using hardware synthesizers to set a counterpoint to the prevailing approaches of laptop and software.”

Born with a lack of fashion sense, nearly transparent as a person, and perpetually about to disappear, a quote is the only connection between Julius Lagerfeld and Karl Otto the great: “I wish I was invisible.”

To make his oscillations, Julius Lagerfeld prefers machines with a tactile quality over laptops. In his studio he needs buttons, switches, potis, loose connections and analogue instability.

Living in Basel and Berlin, having moved 7 times in 5 years while struggling in bureaucratic warfare with the authorities on both the german and swiss frontiers, he finally found time to finish the Konterkonzept EP.


  1. Konterkonzept
  2. Werk 253
  3. Magnetspur
  4. Steter Tropfen

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