Dario Rohrbach from Basel, Switzerland

Dario Rohrbach artist picture

Dario Rohrbach was connected to the groove even before consciously realizing it. As a kid he played percussion in his father’s band, shaking maracas, shakers or the tambourine. Always in time, never stopping – a human metronome. No wonder he found his way to DJing. In 1993, after performing at several Club Nights with his father he shifted gears and purchased his first set of turntables as well as a monophonic synthesizer. Soon, he became a renowned DJ, famous for his mixing skills and for always being slightly ahead of the game. It was only a matter of time before Dario started producing his own music. In 2007 his record „Just for you“, which appeared on Gelbes Billett Musik charted on several DJ-playlists across Europe. Recently he formed the group „Zoulbrothers“, a live act dedicated to deep and soulful House music.
Gelbes Billett Musik